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E GOAL Shopping Mall Analytics

Scalable bundle of services on sales data including mall occupancy, mall footfall analysis, etc in real-time.


A comprehensive Omni channel platform that can integrate online and offline channels .


A multi-channel campaign management solution for in-store and e-commerce retailers to engage customers


The most advanced in-store analytics solution available to gain deep insights into your shoppers


people mobility management solution for organizations covering Time Attendance System

RFID Consumables

Premium RFID readers, barcode scanners, and portable terminals are among their products.









IT solutions provider in saudi arabia

Choosing the perfect match IT solutions and services company in saudi arabia

There are several company IT solutions accessible today. This makes selecting the best IT company in Riyadh is challenging. Vendors are also bidding against one another for your business. Choosing the proper plan gets much more challenging when you evaluate the various price options and services they provide. Furthermore, you will have to remain with your vendor for a long time because switching vendors regularly might have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Being the top IT Solution provider in Riyadh, We, Creative Digital Information Technology(CDIT) always give priority to customer suggestions and needs and value their time and money. As an IT company in Riyadh, we strive to provide our clients in Saudi Arabia with the highest quality goods and services. Our knowledge is relied on by technology firms all around the world to provide service and education to the clients. Our dedicated team is made up of specialists with extensive expertise and understanding of the newest technological advances and IT solutions in the KSA. We are prepared to take on the most difficult issues, regardless of its technological format. CDIT have software specially designed for retail stores and malls to boost their sales and  revenue.  We supplies and supports POS software, Biometric time attendance systems, RFID hardware and RFID systems, Loyalty program software for better customer engagement, POS ecommerce linking software, People counting systems for footfall traffic analysis in stores, shopping mall management software for retail data analytics and tenant management for malls, etc.

Client testimony

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"We were looking for an easy to change user interface and flexible reporting.

The features of Retail Pro meet all our requirements. The difficulties we

faced in synchronization in the back office were totally sorted out now."

Maher Ben Saad

Emirates Zoo Park

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"Really happy with the customization features that Retail Pro offers.

The previous system which we used failed to satisfy all our needs.

Now we can sync our POS data and the ERP system which is really great."


Louzan Fashion

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"Retail Pro is easy to use so our team can focus on helping customers

rather than looking for prices for untaggable items. Integration with ecommerce

platform and retail pro enables us to ensure inventory updates and

Shamrin Chembukkandy


smooth order flow across the organization. We have recently listed our products

in some of the famous e-commerce platforms.

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"Integration with woo commerce platform and retail pro enables us to

ensure inventory updates and smooth order flow across the organization.

For us, reporting is a must have feature we require in a POS. The hourly, monthly"

Samer Izahmad

National Holdings

and yearly reports from Retail PRO helps us to gain valuable

insight into our business."

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"The Retail Pro ecommerce integration optimizes our inventory, streamlines

the operations and reduces the manpower required to manage our

business. Apart from that Retail Pro provides a smooth integration of our in-store

Nisar Kadambot Hydrose

Burjuman Stores

inventory with web sales."

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"We needed software that would not only manage our inventory and sales

efficiently, but also had the ability to integrate with other solutions and help us

provide a great customer experience. Retail Pro Prism fulfills it."

Jitendra Hegde


Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"Retail Pro is very easy to use and accurate, so our sales team can

keep the queue moving quickly for a better, hassle-free checkout experience for

our shoppers. They won't need to wait long in the queue because the billing

Bernadette Manego

Clara trading

is very fast with the Retail Pro Prism POS."

Why Do 50,000+ retailers choose Retail Pro?

"Being able to analyze the area from where more sales are coming and can

track the current trends so that we could offer popular products and streamline

inventory. Before it was a difficult task."

Pawan Dangol

PLG Trading

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