RETAIL ANALYTICS & sales capturing solution

Revenue sharing, retail analytics, sales capturing - for airports and Malls

“EGoal,” a unified and automated sales capturing, revenue sharing and retail analytics software for Airports and shopping malls, is an innovative solution architect built to record real-time sales details that assist retailers and mall managers worldwide.

The powerful system offers a scalable package of sales data services, including real-time digital receipts and sales data for customers, as well as income creation for retailers and land owners. This integrated platform combines business intelligence with data analytics, e-receipts, and diagrammatical graphs and charts to help business leaders and customers make better decisions.

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what we do

Retail Analytics Software for Automated Sales Data Collection & Revenue Sharing

  • For Malls/Airports

    •  API Sales Push Technology to operate
      with real-time sales data
    • Drive Data-driven marketing action
    • Real time footfall traffic
    • Optimize tenant mix
    • Traffic vs Duration
    • Performance Executive summary
    • Data Integrity and Security
  • For Retail stores use

    • Digital Receipts integrate
      directly with your point-of-sale to
      deliver an all in one
    • Personalized Custom templates
    • Cross Channel Management
    • Up-sell / Re engagement
    • Advanced Data Reporting 
    • Receipts in to Revenue
  • Best for Shoppers

    • Digital Receipts through App
    • Receive information on promotions based on
      your own behavior and preference
    • Obtain accurate and reliable reports on your
      spending and on market analysis
    • Enjoy easy indoor navigation for
      shopping malls.
  • Single View CRM

    • Act as  a Loyalty solution, A data driven approach to
      improve customer engagement
    • Build Closer relationships with your consumers
    • Card Linked Loyalty
    • Gift Cards
    • Gamification
    • Vouchers
    • Analytics


shopping mall analytics

Retail Mall analytics offers you detailed customer data analytics along with data for better organization in the mall as well as areas that need improvement. Retail mall analytics provide the following benefits to your business.

• Bolstering the relationship between the store owners in the mall and the visitors
• Optimizing in-store operations
• Offers tangible insights into customer behavior
• Enhancing the ROI from marketing endeavor 


why mall traffic is important

Footfall traffic reflects the sale opportunities generated by the mall. Capturing the number of all visitors arriving and exiting the mall per that period is enough data to help you execute strategic decisions. 

Getting footfall traffic involves tracking the visitors’ traffic patterns in the mall. It provides invaluable insights into the activities of the customers in the mall, high traffic periods, and also an assessment of other variables that affect the traffic into the mall.


ALL IN ONE SOLUTION FOR retail analytics in Malls and airports

  • Single view CRM

    Create incremental profiles of your users from different sources...

  • Loyalty

    Create a master database of all users and track their activities...

  • Accrual engine

    Offer Users. her based & marketing centric point earnings. for ...

  • Deals

    Create innovative behavior based offers & deals, to get in fence...

  • Analytics

    Run customer, operations & transactions dashboards, to get ...

  • Gift cards

    Offer users to send personalized gifts/cash digitally...

  • Card linked offers

    Bring in banks card offers to your users & drive engagement and ...

  • Campaigns

    Periodically run automated, segmented, business targeted...

  • Wallet

    Easier, convenient and quicker way to make payment the way you...