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Best customer-engagement loyalty solution in KSA

Optculture is a one-stop customer-engagement loyalty solution platform to synchronize all your customer data into a single database. You can analyze, quantify, and engage with your customers through different channels and measure your ROI. The customer data from the POS and OC can be used to analyze your customer purchasing behavior and shopping trends. This information can guide you to create new marketing strategies including email marketing by focusing on each segment, SMS marketing, digital receipts, loyalty programs and promotional event planning, etc. Optculture can tailor fit a loyalty program that perfectly suits your business demands and the customers can check their up-to-date loyalty status without hassle.

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Real-Time Reporting

Real time reporting features make it unique. Get Realtime insights on ROI and analyze your customers more deeply.

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All your data... in one place

No manual intervention or data maintenance needed . Optculture collect and deliver optimized data.

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Multi-Channel Communication

Your customer’s favorite platform is not matters, engage with them through  any channel.

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oyalty programs are an important part of every retail company to develop a strong customer database. Optculture is the best customer loyalty program in retail which offers an innovative member-based, reward-based and point-based loyalty program to retain your customers and make them to choose your brand over your competitors. Percentage-based loyalty programs, promo-based loyalty programs, and rollover loyalty programs are different kinds of loyalty programs you can choose to drive sales and to engage your customers.

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Email Marketing


mail marketing leverage customer experience. Personalized targeted mails after the first purchase are always a good method to reconnect with your customers and make them a loyal customer of your brand. With personalized content and offers you can make campaigns to engage your customers more with your brand. Optculture helps you manage your data and bring your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Digital Receipts


igital receipts are an innovative way of marketing. It is the first method to connect with your new customer and to collect data to make them a loyal customer. This environment friendly paperless marketing strategy can assure customer engagement and thereby generating revenue. OptCulture digital receipts/ E-receipts connects directly to your point of sale system to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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SMS Marketing


MS marketing is the most engaged way of marketing. Over 80% open rate can be expect from SMS marketing and from those 29% will respond to it. Mostly a 47% customers will make a purchase. Retailers can connect with customers by letting know them about new promotions, early sales access, VIP codes, and loyalty points. By integrating the POS systems with e-commerce platforms like Magento, woo commerce, amazon, and shopify create an effective easy way to engage with your customers.

Promotion Manager


romotion management is a highly powerful feature of OptCulture. Most retailers are usually starts very attractive promotional sale events without thinking about the best way to track the sale and ROI. Finally it will be ended up in a great loss. The fully integrated promotional manager from OptCulture helps to create promo code, sends and tracks the reports from start to end. It automatically scans and validate the promo code without any human error.

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Integrated Reporting


ntegrated reporting offers the entire insights about your marketing campaigns, sales and ROI. You don't need to guess the status of your business strategies performance level. OptCulture easy in app solution for integrated reporting reports the Realtime status of your business

OC Tablet


ptCulture tablet or kiosk helps your customers to enter their details for loyalty program. It eliminates the data entry errors, speed the process, email validation upon entry and eliminates all the chances of duplication. Customers can simply walk on to the kiosk and enter their info to the loyalty program signup form. All the details they entered fill be automatically transferred to the POS and OC servers.

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Managed Marketing


anaging the entire marketing strategies is not a simple task. Even it is a small store it is a difficult and time consuming job to control the activities in line with other retail works. Sometimes due to the busy schedules your team may not be able to create an attractive campaign for the next big sale season. OptCulture helps you to manage your marketing activities by creative attractive contents for marketing. OC helps you in creating segmented lists and merged tags for email campaigns based on the occasions and the customer.

E-Commerce Integrations

Retail focused customer centric eCommerce integrations helps you to increase the customer experience to the next level. OptCulture customer-engagement loyalty solution Rewards and CRM extension automates your eCommerce Loyalty Programs, e-Receipts, Sales Promotions, and Marketing Campaigns.

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