Retailers are constantly in search for newer technologies to enhance sales and improve business operations. RF Keeper connects in-store and online platforms with cutting-edge technology to deliver an omnichannel experience. Real-time inventory management and end-to-end supply chain visibility helps to generate increased revenues, lower expenses, and better customer engagement. Inventory management and loss prevention are improved with this new cloud-based system. In order to get the greatest outcomes, RF Keeper’s omnichannel strategy has been tailored to match the demands of any type of stores.


Cutting Edge RFID System

The RF Keeper’s  RFID technology monitors and speeds every stage of the supply chain process, including the product life cycle within the shop till the sale, from manufacture and packing through shipment and distribution routes to retailers.

RF Keeper cloud solution maintain a track of the precise  position and condition of each and every inventory item at all times using the most up-to-date Radio Frequency Identification technology.

Real-Time Data Collection & Analysis

RF Keeper’s RFID system is designed to collect and analyze all important data figures in real time, allowing you to track and improve your performance across all retail-related activities, including in-store.

Data collecting systems provide previously unseen information, allowing us to go beyond verticals like item transportation and distribution, in-store item placement and positioning, fitting rooms, in-store ads, and more.

Real-Time Dashboard Display & Active Management

RF Keeper’s dashboard features a well-organized UI with regularly updated data categories for your convenience.

Your sales teams may use the dashboard to actively monitor all areas of the supply chain, ensuring that your performance indicators are always improving.

Combined In-Store & Online Tactics

RF Keeper use the endless power of IoT to turn your shopping sites into Smart stores with the high-end RFID system and customized omni-channel retail methods.

RF Keeper use online product and customer-related qualities to dramatically optimize and personalize your brand’s in-store approach to the requirements and preferences of your consumers, opening the door to a world of previously concealed in-store activity insights.

Relevance-Based Team Communication

RF Keeper enables a significant drop in time spent on retail-oriented operations by leading and enhancing the coordination between teams to fulfill depended-upon jobs in a timely manner by creating a task-focused link between teams.



Ensures the product details of each item in every stage of the supply chain until it sold.

Omni Channel Shopping Experience

Allow your clients to shop in their preferred method while still having a satisfying brand engagement (click and collect).


Leverage your stores as fulfillment centers for online order deliveries to achieve logical excellence, taking advantage of unsold stock and location based practicality.


Discover Your World With Our RFID Solutions



In 2019, DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED (Japan) and RF Keeper Ltd. (Israel), signed a commercial collaboration agreement aimed at RFID usage in the retail market.


Handheld scanners are a specialty of DENSO WAVE, and RF Keeper is a prominent software vendor. The joint efforts assist merchants in becoming Omnichannel service providers.

In order to bring the benefits of internet commerce to brick and mortar establishments, RF Keeper’s full-stack solution combines the proven effectiveness of RFID by integrating DENSO WAVE technology with the boundless potential of the Internet of Things(IoT) and data analytics.

Together, RF Keeper and DENSO WAVE can bring several significant changes to the retail and supply chain industries. RF Keeper and DENSO provide RFID technology to improve customer experience and shop management during the struggle period.


The RF Keeper program may provide important information about each inventory. Anything associated with an item with an RFID tag may be measured, including how many times a product is tested and how many things the buyer purchases.

This information is extremely beneficial to the retail and supply chain industries. 

The loss caused by the shortage of overstock can be drastically reduced. Internal shrinkage, for which many merchants have yet to discover a suitable solution, may be minimized by up to 80%.