Benefits of people counting systems for retail malls and stores

people counting systems

Automatic people counting systems are essential for retailers of any size. A people counter can benefit your business in many ways. It’s not limited to counting the number of visitors to your store or mall. Without spending a lot of money and time you will get detailed insight into your customer journey. Those insights are contains key information for your business to be useful while making business strategies. Let’s check how a people counting system can shape your business and how it can be beneficial.

Know your shopper’s Journey to become customer-centric.

People counting systems are mainly designed to count the people who visit your store. The insights will help you to understand your customers and according to that, you can make improvements in your sales plan, store layout, etc. Customer satisfaction is an important factor to get loyal customers. Retail Next is an in-store analytics people counting system that is using AI technology to provide you reports with different metrics like height, demographics, and many more. Retailers will get segmented reports like purchaser vs. non-purchaser, shopper vs. staff, etc. People counting system generates heat maps of low and high customer concentrated areas. Apart from shopper count, you can understand the entire footfall path of a shopper inside the store.

Optimize staff allocation to provide a shopper-friendly store experience

Allocating the exact no. of staff is important for a retail store to achieve a good customer base. For this, you need to know the peak times and low traffic times. People counting systems can tell you about the flow of customers in a day. These insights will help you to allocate the necessary people only in each department. Improving customer satisfaction can bring you more sales opportunities.

Know the sales conversion

The modern people counting systems are more advanced and the retailers can integrate them with their POS system to know the sales conversion. By integrating these two you will get a clear view of the sales flow of your store. Compare the no. of store visitors to the total no. of purchases or sales. The ratio will point to an evident measure of your store experience. If any promotions or events are running in the store, you can use these data to check whether the event was successful or not.

Plan your marketing strategies

People counting systems like Retail Next come with a lot of features that are capable of measuring your sales and customer satisfaction. By analyzing the reports retailers can understand the peak time, shopper journey, purchase rate, capture rate, etc. which will be useful for making new strategies and budgeting plans to grow the business.

If you are planning to implement a people counting system in your store, please let us know, we can provide you with the world’s no 1 people counting solution to know your customer.

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